About Us

Who are we?  We are a Youth Ski Club that is part of the larger CXC skiing program. There are many clubs like us around the country and you can check it out on the CXC website under programs… Kids & Youth.  We are also a TRAIL KIDS organization, promoting year round fitness and adventure.

What do we do? We teach kids ages 7-14 to improve their agility skills, speed, coordination, cross country skiing technique and overall body awareness.  We provide a Team/Club atmosphere for those skiers that want to ski, ride and exercise more with peers.

What are the goals? 

1. Project skiing as an enjoyable lifelong sport. 

​2. Develop youth skiers by the CXC standards which follows the Norwegian philosophy and train them like kids not adults. Norwegians believe kids should not train like adults until they are 16. Also encourage the development of many skills for many sports not just skiing.

3. Develop youth skiers that will be ready to join the High School ski team in 7th grade.

​4. Encourage those skiers interested in competition to compete appropriately for their age and development.

Program coaches and coordinators:         

Kara Salmela and Siiri Morse

​We also welcome coaches from the area that share our same ideals and goals:  Having fun, being active and developing skills that we need for a lifetime of skiing. 

Coaches and Partners


Winter 2020 Coaches:

Lucas Kramer

Erik Nelson

Zach Sullivan

Fred Sproat

Kendal Hendrickson

Brad Beaver

Claire Anderson

James Kyes

Jeremy Bianco